Information on Texas Defense Driving


In March of 2010, Texas lawmakers passed a bill requiring any resident of the state of Texas, between the ages of 18 to 24, that wishes to obtain a Texas driver’s license to complete a 6 hour Texas adult drivers education class.

Prior to the law being passed, Texans over the age of 18 were permitted to apply for a driver’s permit at their local DPS office with any physical evidence of drivers education. Because 6 hour drivers educational training is obligatory for adults ages 18 to 24 applying for their first Texas license, completing this adult drivers ed program is now a requirement. The DPS will only recognize Certificates of Completion received from a Texas Education Agency (TEA) approved online drivers education resource.  The good news is that you can now complete this requirement online and by completing the course you do not have to re-take the written exam at the DPS.  The test you take at the end of our online adult driver ed course satisfies the written DPS exam requirement.

What Information Does the Course Include?

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Our online Texas adult drivers education course provides all necessary information on traffic laws, highway signs, drug and alcohol awareness, and distracted driving, including talking or texting on your cell phone while driving. Customers will automatically pass the DPS written exam upon completion of our online Texas drivers education course, but will still be required to fulfill both vision and hearing tests and a driving demonstration under the supervision of a DPS instructor.

Course Available to Adults of All Ages!!!


Texas residents, state drivers, and foreign nationals over the age of 25 who have never had a driver’s license, can earn their driver’s license by taking our fresh and user-friendly, TEA-approved adult drivers education program. Regardless of age, after completing our online Texas adult defensive driving course, our customers gain the necessary information required to operate a vehicle in the state of Texas.

Convenient Way to Meet the DPS Written Exam Requirement

Perhaps the most beneficial part of our 6 Hour online Texas adult defensive driving course is that our graduates automatically meet the DPS written exam requirement upon completion of the program. Once you successfully finish our course, we will process and ship your Certificate of Completion, which doubles as evidence that you have completed the DPS written exam. All that will be left to do is go to your local DPS office with your Certificate of Completion and get your driver’s license!!! It is important to remember that if you currently are not a licensed driver, you will be required to take a practical “behind-the-wheel” driving exam with a DPS instructor present.